Cerakote Coatings

Cerakote Coatings

If you are thinking of taking out the pant can and doing some personal Camo on your firearms or bow’s please look at this product First. these are some of the products Creakote offers that will make your firearm or bow a completely different look!~


Creacote (1) Creacote (2) Creacote (3) Creacote (4) Creacote (5) Creacote (6)

Cerakote  H- Series Firearm Coatings. The world standard in firearm finishes. (Oven Cure – *Hardener Included)

Cerakote C- Series Firearm Coatings for optics and high temperature applications. (Air Cure)

Cerakote Gen II Coatings. The next generation of visual and near-infrared signature management coatings.

*NIC Industries restricts the sale of Gen II coatings to military and law enforcement agencies.

Cerakote MC- Series Ceramic Clear coatings. The strongest clear coatings in the world.

Internal ceramic coatings designed to reduce friction.


Amazing coatings here in the gallery

Cerakote Coatings.