PSE Archery | Bow Madness 3G

PSE Archery | Bow Madness 3G

This is my Current compound Bow, I have been using this for the last few months, and love the feel and draw on it. It’s set up at 60lbs right now with a max of 70lbs.

PSE-Archery-292x300 PSE bow madness 3gbowmadness WTP-599-Skullworks

USHERING IN A NEW GENERATION OF PERFORMANCE At PSE, we are dedicated to engineering the finest hunting bows on the market. This dedication has never been more evident than in the Bow Madness™ 3G. Designed in conjunction with Drury Outdoors, this bow features heavily preloaded past parallel split limbs, Planar Flex riser, Backstop™ 2, and the ultra-efficient Madness Pro™ single cam system for the perfect combination of feel and performance. Shoot the Bow Madness™ 3G for yourself and you’ll be saying, “I shot it with my PSE!”


Max Limb Bolt Turns From Bottom: 6
Draw Length Range: 25″ to 30″
ATA/IBO Speed: 330-322 fps
Axle to Axle: 33-1/8″
Brace Height: 7″
Letoff: 75%
Mass Weight: 4.5 lbs

Bow Madness 3G, Right, Skullworks, 29″, 50#
1201MPRSW2950 – Item is available.
USD$ 599.99