Compound bow Test Drives - PSE, Prime, Hoyt, Mathews

Compound bow Test Drives – PSE, Prime, Hoyt, Mathews

This Blog post is going to be about my buying experience, I am a novice or Noob when it comes to archery. I have only been shooting a compound bow since November of last year. So this blog post is about me discovering my personal tastes with compound bows from what information I have received by trial and error with my bows,  friends, and online. I do not clam to know anything special, I know what I like, and what I want in a bow because of what I have shot over the last  year. I can tell you what I do not like; I do not like when I draw back and then stop , that split second when I stop, the bow lurches forward or starts to fire. I hate that. I also do not like when I shoot the sound the bow makes.


Your going to say well Joe, that’s actually the string making that sound not the bow. I agree, but even some bows with just the sting are still quieter. I also do not like weight,  for spot and stalking holding the bow out in front can be exhausting, and carrying my bow for miles and miles, I learned that I was out of shape, and it sucks to have a heavy bow loaded with 6 arrows.


Over the last few days I have been wondering what to replace my PSE Prophecy with. There are alot of bows out there and I as a novice archer wanting a light weight bow as well as solid feel for my personal tastes decided it was time to go out and start shooting.


I was lucky that the shop I went to let me  use my own arrows, my own release, because I am shooting a new bow I wanted something to be consistent.  My arrows are Black Eagle Carnivores 350 spine with 20 grain inserts and 100 grain tips the fletching are 3.5″ long total weight is 380 grains. All of the compound bows I shot are set at 70 lbs, and 28″ draw length. The only exception was the Hoyt Carbon matrix G3 , it was 60 lbs and 28″ draw.  I can shot a 29″ but I like the 28″ for more maneuverability. I was told by a pro shooter that the shorter your draw length, you can move around more while at full draw in the tree stand or spot and stalking. I have been using a shorter draw length since he told me that and have been happy with 28″. So with the new 2014 Hoyt models came into the shop, I was eager to test drive a few. The shop let me use there Chronograph with my arrows on each bow I was test driving and I have to say it was very cool to see the differences in speed with each bow.


testdrive (2) The 2014  Hoyt Faktor 30 and Carbon spider 34

out of the box the Faktor smoked the lane with my arrows at 294.2testdrive (16)testdrive (15)testdrive (3)








I also shot the PSE Dream season DNA. I like the draw on this bow, its solid and has a nice valley, I didn’t like the noise it made but it is super fast too. testdrive (20)testdrive (1)testdrive (18)








testdrive (12) testdrive (7)testdrive (11)


TheHoyt Carbon Matrix G3 this is the 2013 model with RKT cams and the only bow that is 60 lbs in the bunch.




I also Shot the Prime Bow, and a Mathews solo Cam creed, these are on Video that I will post them once get them off the Camera. I like the Draw of the Mathews, that bow , the solo cam Creed is a really nice bow. I have to admit I was seriously going to purchase a creed, I loved the draw, the feel, the way it shot. but what killed the Mathews for me was the weight.

I personally liked this 2014 Hoyt Carbon spider – With my arrows, and release. The bow is  bear naked, no stabilizer on it or sight just a whisker basket and d loop. This bow on draw is smooth, and solid back wall lets you know your there. The valley is nice and secure, with out that jumping feeling. the Z5 cams are night and day different then the 2013 RKT cams. I love how this bow shoots, its super quite and the Riser makes a HUGE difference  , this riser is narrower then the Carbon Matrix G3. It has a very open sight picture and you don’t’ feel like your breaking your neck trying to look threw the bow.  So then I had to decide on Axle to Axle. I have been using a PSE bow madness 30″ AA, and then traded up to a PSE Prophecy 30 AA . I was told by a pro shooter that a longer Axle to Axle will be a little more “forgiving” on longer range shots, like 60 yards+ so I decided it’s time to step up into a longer Axle to axle. This is my new 2014 Hoyt Carbon Spider 34.  Now to get my bow sight on order from Black Gold I will be ordering the Ascent with 6″ dove tail and 4 pins – 3 pins .019 and the last 4th pin will be my .010 for long range. 

testdrive (19)

testdrive (6)testdrive (9)






– PNWhunter