2014 Hoyt Ignite - This is a great Family bow for everyone!

2014 Hoyt Ignite – This is a great Family bow for everyone!

I have to say I have been looking for a bow for the family for a while now, trying to figure out who to get one for first and then what poundage. it’s just been a head ache. This year Hoyt and a few other manufacturers are catering to our needs!

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20131119_165533     20131119_164842

Thus the Hoyt Ignite compound bow was born, this bow I feel is perfect for anyone wanting to get into archery and then hunt as well or just continue to hone the archery skill.

I went down to Black sheep again to test drive this bow, I brought my own release, and my Black Eagle arrows I shoot and hunt with.

Release – Scott archery wild cat
Arrows – Black eagle Carnivore – 350 spine cut to 28.25 and use standard inserts but added 20g weights – with 100 grain tips I am at a total weight of 380 grains. including the 3.6″ fletching’s

We ran it threw the crono, cranked down 70lbs and 28″ draw – with a 380g arrow this was our impressive numbers on the Hoyt Ignite.


This bow has a String stop MEANING – it doesn’t use a limb or regular stop so the the back wall actually is quite large. when I say that some people would call it “spongy” . Shooting threw the chronograph I pulled and stopped in front of the back wall meaning just to the point where let off is felt. so just past the peak and into the valley of the pull I sent the arrow, and got 243. FPS Then same arrow – pulled back and between the front of the wall and the very back of the wall I sent an arrow again. and got 245. FPS. the then pulled back as far as I could basically the VERY back wall. and sent it, and got 246 ! FPS



the best part about this bow is you can adjust weight and draw length with OUT a bow press! yes you read that right.. without a bow press….. It’s amazing it will go all the way down to 20 lbs and crank up to 70!!!! with draw lengths from 19″ to 30″