Personal SOLAR power panel - power up your life when your out in the world.

Personal SOLAR power panel – power up your life when your out in the world.

Personal Solar panels are not new to the market, they have been around for a while now but most are only good for direct sun light, or partly overcast days. Reason I am bringing this up is because I solo hunt, and when I am out in the deep thick forest, mostly I need power to keep my communications going with the world as well as recharge Garmin GPS, Cell phone, and Go pro battery’s. Looking at the market I noticed there was allot of products that would do the job well, but not great. I also found one company that sells battery back ups but it looks like a boom box and would not be well suited for packing into a 10 mile remote location. I stumbled upon this company and pre ordered this product before my sept 1st hunting trip. It had just came in from production and the company owner was kind enough to understand my circumstances and shipped this panel to me via ups over night. I received it the day before I left and was able to test it out thoroughly on my trip.The brown gadget solar panel

this 10W power panel is by far the best one i have found, most panels are only 5 watts and they don’t power up anything besides smart phones. this panel can power up Tablets, and cell phones. I also bought this Practical Meter USB power device to make sure I am getting the most from my solar panel. , its simple to use and tells you how much power your solar panel is putting out and you can turn your panel to the sun to optimize the out put of it.


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the Practical meter usb  The brown dog solar panel