Well sometimes You should just listen....

Well sometimes You should just listen….

20131207_110334So I was told to get all green pins because that’s the brightest pins for low light, and I agree 100 percent but…. What I thought I knew turned out to be my worst nightmare while hunting! I was using a IQ bow sight , that was green red green red pins, and I am used to that color combo…….I got my Black gold ascent sight, and Right when I installed it I thought to myself, wow, this is great, but all this green is to much while looking threw the sight.  having to look at the green and then say to myself ok top pin is 20, next is 30 , next is 40 and last is 50.. all green I was like dam i have to RELEARN ..So I went back to the dealer and asked to have 2 of the pins installed with RED pins on my new black gold ascent , so I would have Green, red, green , red. While this set up works great for day time target practice… while hunting in low light I learned a valuable lesson that cost me a nice deer, and turkey.

In low light, I could NOT see this RED pin to save my life..

If was being charged by a raging bear, I would have to resort to my firearm. This pin in low light was just along for the ride.


go greengreen red green reds

My friend Matt was right, He said “Get all green, don’t get any other colors.” As the deer moved through my sight, and I did not want to shoot because I knew I had no shot at 45 yards I just could not see the pin. His words echoed in my mind over and over.. as the next animal that I have a tag for walks by too….


Can't see RED clearly. GREEN go!!

So next day I m back to the dealer, and this time Certain I am going all GREEN! My advice to anyone who has a friend that hunts 24/7 365 days a year.. LISTEN to your friend. Don’t just jump on your high horse because your “USED” to your way of doing things. It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks and this dog is deadly now in low light conditions once again 😉