The online ordering process

The online ordering process

With today’s modern way of shopping, we all do a little research before we go out and spend a few hundred dollars on a product. With some of the manufacturers making technologically advances to each product you want to make sure you get the newest and more improved one. I had thought about what I wanted and spent a small fortune on testing these products out. I started with the IQ bow sight, and then moved into a Black Gold Ascent, and finally cam into terms with getting a Trijicon Accupin. So I went online and did my research, finding out that the Trijicon was not immune to the failures of product design. when the product was released it has great features, and user adjustablity. The down fall to this product is something so simple, one would over look it. So I will explain it with pictures.

Take a look at these photos of the Trijicon Accupin – installed on a 2014 Hoyt Carbon Turbo – when at full draw the sight picture is big , very open and easy to see your target.

20140205_142307  20140205_14411220140205_14411720140225_145043

The downfall is something so simple – you can’t tell it’s hard to use until you look at the bubble level… it’s SO SMALL YOU CAN’T SEE IT. I use capital letters to stress that I have poor eye sight.

So now the dilemma do I return this product because I can’t see it? I look on Trijicon website and the product CLEARLY shows a Larger bubble level… I begin to wonder why mine did not have this larger level. So I contact where I order it and this is the conversation that took place

Chat Transcript

Time of chat: 2/5/2014 4:47:28 PM
Length of chat: 00:10:12
Your name: Joe
Chatted with: Ethan
4:47 PM Ethan : Hello, Joe. Give me a second to review your question.
4:48 PM Ethan : May I please have your order number?
4:48 PM Joe: yes one min pls
4:49 PM Joe: DATE: 30-Jan-2014 ORDER #: 5045442 REFERENCE #: 2975301
4:50 PM Joe: my question is , I just received my item – the product box looks like it was stored for a long time and the stickers on the out side look like they have been nawed upon by a small animal.
4:50 PM Joe: the HEAD of the bow sight is NOT what Trijicon has on there website that I thought I Was ordering
4:50 PM Joe:
4:51 PM Joe: that’s trijicons’ product, the product I received has the OLD style head
4:51 PM Joe: you can see the new style has a LARGE bubble for level – the level bubble is clearly visible
4:52 PM Ethan : I am very sorry to hear that. As that item is not a high volume seller, it’s very possible that it may have been on the shelf for some time. You can return or exchange that item by following the steps listed here:
4:52 PM Joe:
4:52 PM Joe: this is the head I thought I would be getting
4:52 PM Joe: in black color
4:53 PM Joe: all I am asking is can you find out if the Head of the Real tree camo one is the LARGE level bubble please, I will order that one and send this back
4:54 PM Joe: i dont want to spend another 500 bucks just to have to wait 10 days or more to return it because it has the small head
4:54 PM Joe: small level bubble
4:55 PM Ethan : Unfortunately there is no way for us to tell which ones are new and which are the old as all the packages are sealed from the manufacturer. I apologize for the inconvenience.
4:55 PM Joe: well you might want to check your packages then, the product you sent me was NOT SEALED.. it has tabs you just open up


So Just to give you an idea about how long it took for me to get the right product.  The original Order Date: Jan 30, 2014 received the wrong item on feb 5, 2014 filled out the RMA and sent it back same day on the 5th. they received it on Feb 17th 2014 and processed my return / exchange on the Feb 19th, 2014  the new product was delivered on Feb 25th, 2014. And thus the product I should have received the first time. When I opened the box the Trijicon box was unlocked and all 2 tabs to close it were open. it was obvious someone had opened it. To top it off the head serial number doesn’t match the body serial number.






20140225_145107 20140225_151022    20140225_162514 20140225_162541


Having shoot this sight for a little while now I have to say with the larger bubble it’s much easier to see. Everything about this sight is well designed, and the manufacturing on it is top notch.

BW50G-BL_45 BW50G-BL_135 BW50G-BL_225 BW50G-BL_315 BW50G-BL_reticle_popup