It's in the details of recovery

It’s in the details of recovery

About 2 years ago I noticed problems with my shoulder, and I thought of the pain as normal because of lifting weights. I mean it’s normal to be sore in the morning after lifting, or exercising. I didn’t think I had a problem until last year when I got heavy into archery and noticed my arm wasn’t getting stronger. I would shoot every day, lift a little bit and take 2 and 3 day breaks to rest.  After the rest the pains would come back and wouldn’t go away so thus I went to the hospital and the doctor recommended an MRI to see what is going on in my shoulder.  I was hesitant because I knew, deep down I knew what was coming…  and because I feel in love with archery I didn’t want to be away from it for so long.  After the MRI I was nervous, and the doctor called to confirm that I needed to have surgery because I have a torn labium in my shoulder, and that recovery is only 8 weeks or less…. not including physical therapy. Sooo I decided to get this over with asap before season starts and I had the surgery, it went very successful with 2 new anchors in my shoulder holding my ligaments together I should be better then new in weeks! Well now I have some time to invest in my website again and start working on some new projects for everyone too. Thank you for visiting and stay tuned this season should be fun!


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