Back shooting archery

Back shooting archery

You never know after an injury how well your body will accept the changes. Having worked with my physical therapist over the last few weeks we both decided that it was time for me to go ahead and start shooting again. with a strict regimen and plenty of time for recovery in between practice.  I’m capable of lifting over 40 pounds,  benching, curls and rubber bands. it was rather easy to draw the bow back.

I’d like to talk a minute about my equipment. I went to Black Sheep in Coeur d’Alene Idaho and Doug one of the pro staff set me up with new limbs for my Hoyt Carbon spyder turbo. previously I was set up at 70 pound draw weight, now my current setup is 50 pound draw weight. I haven’t been to the archery range in months and  this first day back made me a  little bit nervous, turn the dial all the way up to 60 yards on my trijicon accupin bow sight then drew back and held my form.


new limbs carbon fiber looking 50 lbs new Limbs 50lbs old limbs are camo – 70 lbs Old Limbs 70 lbs


Here is the photo of my group

archery (37)


This Season is shaping up to be a good one, here are some pictures from my local trail camera.


buck1 buck2