Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue

I thought my recovery from my surgery wasn’t fast enough because I was only able to pull 50lbs. I bought new limbs for my Hoyt Carbon spyder turbo, went down from 70 lbs to 50 lbs, and when I say pull it, I mean properly pull it back not sky draw under arm pull. 50 lbs is great! it’s easy to pull and I am still doing physical therapy to get stronger.
new Limbs 50lbs
This season has been successful so far,putting in the hard work with boots on the ground, scouting, hanging trail cams,  throwing feed and mineral blocks. Replenishing them when needed every month leading up to opening day. The monster mule deer that I’ve been searching for has come back and unfortunately he has one broken tine. Because of this I decided to postpone my hunt and help another hunter harvest their first deer here locally in town, little did I know this would lead to an opportunity for me to harvest my first buck.


It was September first opening day, I was in the tree stand at five a.m waiting for the animals to come through and we were set up really well with me scouting in the tree stand, and the other hunter in the ground blind. I was able to see the deer coming in and was able to text to the other hunter which direction the animals were coming from and it was great because I felt like a commander over the battlefield. We had lots of deer come through but no shooters yet, there was quite a few does with fawns, and young bucks. The trail cameras have shown quite a few larger bucks and so we waited and waited and waited for them to start showing up.

I tried doing a few techniques grunting, rattling and most got the attention but did not bring in the results we were looking for. I ended up using some of the deer attractant and we started to see more results of larger bucks coming in. The other hunter had a perfect shop opportunity, but unfortunately did not capitalize on it because they did as well as many other hunters I’ve seen done, not stop the deer as it was moving. What I witnessed was the deer continuing to walk as the other hunter took a shot and missed.  Because I was in the tree stand and not in the ground blind with them we were not able to work together to be able to stop the animal so the hunter could take a shot.

deer attractants and lighted nocksground blind setup below me

so the next day were in the field and we’re watching the animals once again waiting for the larger bucks to come through,  they were mostly feeding later in the day. with me being in the tree stand I was able to see this big buck coming in and he came into roughly 25 yards and was looking around and caught our wind.  he started to turn broadside that’s when I stopped him with a MERP.  I sent my arrow and hit him a little farther back  then I would like,  it hit right in the liver and ran off.  I gave him about 30 minutes to 45 minutes I didn’t want to pressure him because I knew my shot was a little farther back then I would like. it was completely dark and the blood trail was not as thick as I thought it was going to be. We searched for roughly two and a half hours and could not find him so we decided to go  get some sleep and come back early in the morning and start searching again.

Ground blind belowCarbon spyder turbo readypass though!Red arrow :)Red Arrow

The next day we were out searching and we still could not find this animal, and that feeling you get when you know you’ve injured the animal and its possibly still out wandering around wounded is just terrible it literally eats away at your soul.  This property is only 50 acres big but I tell you what, I was walking every inch of that acre with a fine tooth comb. Lucky for me at nine a.m I got a text saying “found Jim!” I was on the other side of the property and literally ran through the forest up and down hills non stop until I got to the animal and I was completely out of breath when I got to my buck I thanked the lord that he blessed me with the opportunity to harvest this deer.

He went down within 75 yards of where I shot.

20140903_12402820140903_123408Simply HDR_1409788101797


He was laying on its side just beautiful and majestic, I was so happy the other hunter found him and now we named him Jim because of the stupid auto correct when they typed in found him instead it said found Jim.  I quickly got to work processing Jim, making sure that I took care of everything nice and clean only because of the amount of time that has elapsed since I shot him it had been roughly 10 hours and so I wanted to get the meat cool and dry quickly, after getting him field dressed I got him to the butcher in less than 2 hours and thank God because we had zero wastage that night it was really cold in the forties so we were fortunate enough that it kept meat cold.

Jim was at the processor and everything’s back to normal we decide to go out that evening for the other hunters dear. While  we’re driving out the other hunter decided to take a doe instead of waiting for the other bucks so we both agreed to find one with out fawns and that was fairly large. There was still three or four of them running around. that evening the other hunter successfully shot their first deer and I got it on video I was recording from the tree stand while they shot from the ground blind and they harvested their first doe.  It was a fantastic day so we quickly field dressed the animal and packed it up for the processor as well the next morning.

I was able to get some rest before heading out for ELK…