Trijicon Accudial Accupin bow sight problem

Trijicon Accudial Accupin bow sight problem

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This season has been fairly exciting I always try to make sure that my gear is in top notch shape that way I can depend on it when the time comes to take a shot. This Trijicon bowsight is buttery smooth when you rotate the dial so if something is off you will notice it immediately.

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Where I hunt in the West my gear gets brutal punishment from the elements and is put to the test for durability. Because of this I have to clean my gear regularly after each hunt.

I went to the range and sight was starting to stick when I rotated the dial past 50 yards, I looked closely at all the screws and declared that something was not right in the main bushing. Its right next to the big dial

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So when I got home I disassembled as much as I could from the bow sight.



This is a pivot point on the bow sight, it is an aluminum bushing that if dirt or debris gets in here it will scar up this aluminum bushing and cause your bow sight to not function properly!

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I wanted to show you this because if you’re out in the field and you run into the same problem you know a quick way to fix it. with a simple allen wrench you can unscrew the pivot point and put a little bit of oil on this bushing and it’ll be good as new if you have a paper towel or something to clean were the bushing sits on this will help as well,  you can reassemble everything and your good to go.


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