Progress Report - Feb

Progress Report – Feb





Progress report since my last post,

I have been eating healthy and going to the gym very consistently to shed pounds off me. so far I have lost 14 lbs and am pushing for another 9 lbs. I am now starting strength training , and am trying to find a trainer to help me. So far I haven’t found anyone yet.  I made the list of most Active in my Gym for last month.

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I got the Hoyt Carbon spyder tuned up, it’s shooting 315 fps @70lbs and 28″DL with a 365g final weight arrow.



feb2015 pnwhunter (3) feb2015 pnwhunter (4)  

I have been hitting the archery range hard too, it’s been great because I have been able to swap bow sights to the IQ bow sight to work on my form.

feb2015 pnwhunter (8) feb2015 pnwhunter (5)

I bought a Fitbit to help me keep track of my work outs, and link it with my health insurance for a small discount too.

If you want to add me as a friend on] Fitbit here is my public link

I would love to have more friends!



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Went scouting a few times, ran into some deer that had all ready shed there antlers.

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I want to quickly say something, I have my instagram to private because of the anti hunters, and some hunters that are just FAKE people. These FAKE people I talk about are the one’s that call them self’s “PRO STAFF” or they say they are “prostaff” of some hunting club, or it’s a bunch of females with camo and make up on that call them self’s Archery hunters, and they’re “Sponsored” by “Insert any company name here” They are not sponsored, It’s truly saddling that someone needs to label them selves to make them look better than everyone else..

You don’t’ look better, you look ridiculous to us REAL hunters, and people who INVEST in the hunting community to better it. Do us all a favor, remove your stupidity from being “PRO” at anything. Invest in yourself , and others to help elevate the community. Archery needs MORE people like Cam Haynes, Amanda C. Joe Sanchaz, Nate_19, Chasingtheslam, the archery addict, these people help ELEVATE the community with real answers, and showing they are REAL hunters, with REAL work being put in…

If your reading this and don’t agree with me, just un follow me, I won’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Please Volunteer with the community, Help out your fellow hunters by giving positive feedback, and if you get upset with someone because they are doing something wrong, help them fix it. Don’t just think your better then someone else because your a successful hunter, help them be successful and teach humility, compassion, and empathy.  We need positivity in our lives .

Sorry about the rant at the end here, just thought I would share.. if you want to know if I am a “PRO” I’m part of a “TEAM”.. I solo hunt, and I support my team BlackEagle my name is Joe F. and my photo is here. Also I am on Trijicon website, that does not mean I am “prostaff” of Trijicon products.

No one cares Train harder