My name is Joe –  I am in my mid 30s, and I love the out doors. My past jobs were working as a Diesel Technician, and then a few major ski resorts in the pacific northwest as an instructor.


So how did I get into hunting ? Well that goes way back to when I was a kid – My father at the time was in the military 82nd Air borne, station out of FT Brag. He took me hunting, I didn’t exactly know what hunting was , just that we were looking for animals to eat.  He had his bow, and I asked him “why not just use his gun?”  Having grown up in the military I knew what they were capable of and respected firearms at an early age.  His response was simple, “I left the gun in the barracks because hunting for food on foot with a bow is more challenging then just pulling a trigger. Anyone can pull a trigger,  you will learn one day.” then he smacked me up side the head, and we tromped threw the woods for a few hours. Didn’t see one animal at all; but the seed was planted in my head that hunting is something special.


A few years later (1989) he was on a mission and during the drop in under enemy gunfire in panama  someone came in hot on top and tangled up with him during a static line drop.  they both free fell from 1,500 feet ,  he pulled his reserve but it didn’t fully open in time….His team was able to recover him, and evac the deceased and him out.  once back to Florida the doctors told us  he has broke both his ankles, legs, and back. He was hospitalized for a year.  5 months were in a External Skeletal Fixation.  He was discharged from the army with full honors, for his 24 years of service.  he still walks with a cane, and has not ever been able to bow hunt again.  He taught me alot, and one that resonates is “when you invest in yourself , your reward is knowing you can stand on your own.”

I have always wanted to get into bow hunting, since I was a kid enjoying being out with my dad looking for animals.  It’s more physically challenging than shooting a rifle. Don’t get me wrong; I will still hunt with a rifle but my primary hunting weapon is a compound bow.



olympic national park, summer 2005

This is my website dedicated for hunting in the Pacific northwest:

 As a person that is an avid outdoors man, I went looking for all of the information that I needed to acquire the necessary legal documents for hunting in the northwest .  As a new hunter in this modern era of  online information , I was shocked to see the lack of proper information on how and where to hunt legally in my state. The state run websites are good for acquiring your permit or for some general education but they lack specific knowledge about firearms, or bow hunting techniques, and places to actually go as well as when you can go hunting.

Surprisingly there is very little knowledge if you are brand new hunter, on acquiring a hunting permit, firearm (proper caliber to hunt with), bow, and the proper tag’s for the game  you wanted to hunt, so I needed to research all I could, to make sure I could get a successful and Legal hunt.

This web site is going to be my land mark for information that I need to make sure that my hunts, and everyone that comes to visit can properly acquire all the correct documents  and locate the proper area’s to hunt in the pacific northwest. I am a new hunter – and this is part of my journey.

Pacific northwest hunting - Oregon shot over top