To Hunt in this state,

ALL HUNTERS http://www.statehuntandfishregs.com/ORHUNT/

■ Must have a valid hunting license. (See exceptions for youths participating in the Mentored Youth Hunter Program on page 84.)

» Hunting licenses are valid through December 31 of each year. Hunts extending into or beginning in the following calendar year
require a new hunting license.

» No one may possess more than one valid annual hunting license.

» Hunters, 14 years of age and older, who will be hunting predators on public land, and western gray squirrels, unprotected
mammals, and unprotected birds on public or private land must have a valid hunting license. No tags are required.

» Any hunter with a valid Oregon or Idaho hunting license may hunt in the waters or on the islands of the Snake Rvr, where the rvr
forms the boundary between the two states. All laws and rules of the respective states apply.

» To apply for controlled hunts, all hunters must purchase a current hunting license.

■ To hunt big game you must have in possession a valid hunting license and a big game tag valid for the dates, area, and species
being hunted.

■ Licenses, tags, and controlled hunt applications can only be obtained at license agents throughout the state, via the internet
(www.dfw.state.or.us/online_license_sales), or through the headquarters office by mail, fax, or in person.

» Licenses and tags may be purchased for you by a family member or friend.

■ No person may possess more than one valid annual hunting license. However, for the purpose of acquiring preference points
under the controlled hunts system and hunting big game, a youth between the ages of 9 and 13 may hold both a free youth license
and a juvenile hunting license.

■ Obtaining hunting, combination, or Sports Pac license.

» Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 635-010-0015(4)(a) provides the legal standard for purchasing a resident license: “A
resident is one who has physically dwelled in Oregon continuously for the six months prior to applying for a license. Temporary
absences from Oregon during that time period do not defeat a person’s residency so long as such absences were not for the
purpose of establishing residency outside Oregon.” The legal requirement is implemented by this certification that a license applicant
must sign: “I, the undersigned, hereby certify and declare that the information provided to obtain this license/tag is true.
To acquire an Oregon resident license/tag I certify that I have resided continuously within Oregon no less than six months immediately
prior to applying for this license/tag. I have resided in Oregon for ___ Years ____ Months. I acknowledge this license
was issued as requested and understand that no refund will be made.”

» These requirements are waived for certain active members of the armed forces and for some foreign exchange students (see
OAR 635-010-0015(4) for details). Submitting a false application is a crime.



■ Must obtain a valid nonresident hunting license or nonresident juvenile hunting license if 14 years of age or older.
■ Must obtain a valid nonresident tag for each species they will hunt.
■ A nonresident license and/or tag may be purchased for a person by a family member or friend directly from a license agent or by
mail, via the internet (www.dfw.state.or.us/online_license_sales), or fax

Online Class

This hunter education course has the same hunter safety content as the classroom course. Completing this course will prepare you for the Field Evaluation Course. The only problem with this is that you don’t  have anyone to ask questions if your taking your exam, also you don’t get to use firearms until you actually go to the field evaluation course, their the instructors will have firearms for you to display your knowledge with , but don’t count on them bringing your hunting firearm of choice.  Example: I Went to my evaluation course, and the instructors did not have a compound bow, I was the only person there that could not display my safe handling practices, but I was able to use the rifles, and shotguns the instructors brought to the class. So If you take a course online, bring your firearm, or bow with you to the Field Evaluation class, you can leave it in the vehicle and when the time comes go get it for the evaluation.


 Once you have completed the course now you can get your hunters licence and tag’s for game.

You also can order your tags online at https://or.outdoorcentral.us/or/license

So to note – You have to do this in order

1: sign up for the online class

2: complete the class

3: get your hunter licence

4: look for a GMU that is open to hunting for the game you want to hunt.

5: make sure the land your going to is publicly available, most prime land is either privately owned so finding out the owner can be a tough choir.

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